who we are

"The only way to go far is to share projects"

This is our motto.

Our group’s history began with the acquisition of a small local enterprise, active since 1980 exclusively in the pest control field. The PCO line of business was discontinued in 2007 and transferred to a third party, while the design, production and sales divisions dedicated to specific pest control products have advanced on a wide scale.
Our group has experienced exponential growth both on the national and international Pest Management markets, thanks to the creative power and technical knowledge of each of our staff members.
All the companies of our group are run by the same management and share experiences and exchange views and commercial strategies, in order to reach top level products, brands and services.
We all comply with the EQS procedure (Ethics, Quality, Service).
Ethics means respect for laws and regulations; Quality in all steps of our production chain, from the initial idea down to the finished product; Service – that is, focusing on customer satisfaction.

OSD and HPC are the companies of the group directly involved in the sales of our products. Their mission is to be the benchmark of Pest Control Enterprises and to offer an extensive range of products, a well-stocked warehouse and logistics that can fulfill customer requests within 24-48 hours on the national territory and, last but not least, a top level Post Sales Service.